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Kiira Motors, Marie Antoinette, sense and privilege in Ugandan politics

September 23

KAMPALA, SEPTEMBER 23 – Students of history could not have missed the parallels between the seemingly […]

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Which way Sudhir, White Sapphire in Crane Bank recapitalisation?

September 16

KAMPALA, SEPTEMBER 16 – Who will be the losers and winners as Uganda’s Crane Bank restructures? […]

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Uganda IGP Kale Kayihura now a fugitive

August 10

  KAMPALA, AUGUST 10 – As the drama of Uganda’s spiral towards anarchy continues, Inspector General […]

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Why Steel Rolling Mills is a case both for and against a government bailout for distressed Ugandan businesses

July 12

KAMPALA, JULY 12 – Since the presentation of Uganda’s budget for fiscal 2016/17, the dire straits […]

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Rostec pullout probably good for Uganda oil programme

July 2

KAMPALA, JULY 02 – The news that Russian state conglomerate RT Global Resources had dropped the […]

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Thinking Beyond Oil: The wise don’t wait to learn from their mistakes

June 27

KAMPALA, JUNE 27 – The late Chinese liberation leader and Marxist theorist Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-Tung) […]

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Uganda budget: Chicken or Egg?

June 17

KAMPALA, JUNE 17 – The views expressed by different speakers at the Uganda Economics Association sponsored […]

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STANBIC BANK BUDGET BREAKFAST: Barking up the wrong tree on boosting Ugandan productivity

June 10

KAMPALA, JUNE 10 – A recurrent twin problem occupying Ugandan planners is the low productivity in […]

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Zambia needs to revisit its digital migration partnership with Star Times

May 27

KAMPALA, MAY 27 – On paper, a recent announcement by the Zambian government that they had […]

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Why CSBAG may have the silver bullet to Museveni’s problem

May 17

KAMPALA, MAY 17 – Once again, President Museveni is in a spot of bother and in […]

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