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Denmark stakes $9m to help Ugandan women trade better

May 17

Hits: 29May 17—Denmark is using the non-profit consultancy, TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), to channel $9 million […]

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Uganda scoops gold at Indaba tourism fair

May 8

Hits: 75May 8—For the third time in four years, Uganda won gold in the South African […]

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NIC sounds profit warning

April 28

Hits: 87Listed underwriter NIC Holdings Limited has issued an advisory to stockholders warning of a negative […]

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African Alliance pulls out of the stock brokerage business

April 17

Hits: 37April 17—Financial services firm, Africa Alliance Uganda Limited is pulling out of the stock brokerage […]

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Vietnam agrees to give Uganda’s coffee sector renewed push

April 15

Hits: 77April 15—Last month, Uganda was in talks with Vietnam, the country that overtook it in […]

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Uganda gets Dutch know-how to limit bugs in $100m exports

April 10

Hits: 92April 10—The Netherlands Embassy in Kampala is helping the agriculture ministry limit rising cases of […]

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Annual maize crop under threat from Aflatoxin attacks

April 4

Hits: 280April 4—Nearly half of Uganda’s annual maize production and 92 pc of the sorghum is […]

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Dry spell dampens economic activity to push down March PMI

April 4

Hits: 322April 4—The continued dry spell into March hurt farming which in turn dampened general business […]

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African tourism rakes in $58bn as Cape Town marketing fete looms

March 26

Hits: 331March 26—Tourists spent $58.5 billion in Africa last year. Africa is expected to attract 81.3 […]

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Theft dampens farmers’ gain from vanilla price rise

March 20

Hits: 227March 20—International prices for vanilla, one of the most difficult spices to grow, have shot […]

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