Uganda Airlines leased A320 arrives in Entebbe

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A Global Airways A320-231 leased by Uganda Airlines arrived in Entebbe today, ending months of waiting […]

A Global Airways A320-231 leased by Uganda Airlines arrived in Entebbe today, ending months of waiting by the flag carrier. The aircraft, registration ZS-GAR, on a six-month wet-lease, touched down at Entebbe international Airport at 14.05 local time as flight GBB9001. It followed a flight lasting three hours and fourty-eight minutes.

The flag-carrier intends to deploy the aircraft on four of its African routes – Nairobi, Kinshasa, Johannesburg and Lagos, where it has seen schedule disruption in recent months which it blamed on crew and aircraft shortages.

ZS-GAR will start commercial operations on Monday May 13, with flight UR 710 to Johannesburg in the morning and close the day with flight UR204 to Nairobi in the evening.  Although information about the lease rates was not immediately available, indications are that it is going to be a fairly heavy duty cycle for the aircraft, and good money for Global Airways. A schedule seen by 256BN, shows usage of 84.5 block hours a week or a daily average of 12.071 hours. Sunday is going to be the heaviest day for the aircraft by far, with a total of 17.5 hours split between services to Johannesburg and Lagos, while Tuesday will be the lightest at only 8.5 hours.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Global Airways, which will support our operations at a critical juncture in our development,” Uganda Airlines chief executive Jenifer Bamuturaki said in a statement released soon after the aircraft arrived.

“We have seen significant growth in demand on a number of our routes, which has introduced certain pressures into our operations. Leasing this A320 is intended to ensure that our customers continue to enjoy the unparalleled service that we have become known for, and add flexibility to our operations,”Ms Bamuturaki added.

Bamuturaki further said the larger aircraft not only offers increased capacity for passengers and their baggage over the CRJ-900 but also cargo capacity. “We therefore, invite the travelling public and the business community to take advantage of the increased capacity.”

According to Uganda Airlines, the aircraft is configured to 160-seats, spread across a two-class cabin featuring 12 business and 138 economy class seats.

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