Qalaa Holdings invited to high level UN talks on SDGs

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July 11—Qalaa Holdings, an African leader in energy and infrastructure development, is not just about making […]

July 11—Qalaa Holdings, an African leader in energy and infrastructure development, is not just about making profits and looking for new opportunities to exploit.

It depends on the people

Qalaa has awarded over 163 scholarships for higher education ably living up to Goal No. 4.

The Egyptian-based company also happens to be a heavy investor in people. This is very much in line with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Probably explains why Qalaa has been invited to the UN High Level Political Forum Private Sector Workshop which takes place between July 13 and 17 in New York City. Representatives from 44 countries from across the world will give presentations and share views on the theme, ‘Business Leading the Way; as a model for Embracing Sustainable Development Goals in Core Business Practice’.

Since 2004, when Citadel Capital became Qalaa Holdings, top management has shown a strong commitment to the provision of quality education (SDG: 4) and the promotion of gender equality (SDG: 15). These have been placed at the centre of the company’s sustainability and human capital development strategy.

Among the company’s other numerous initiatives are the frequent training workshops for Egypt’s educators, vocational training programs, renovations of several schools across the nation, and awarding over 163 scholarships for higher education; undoubtedly Egypt’s largest private-sector scholarship program.

Ghada Hammouda, Qalaa Holdings’ Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer, will showcase the company’s success in aligning its sustainability program and corporate governance framework with the United Nations’ SDGs.

Qalaa’s invitation to participate in this reputable event as an Egyptian success story serves as a testament and recognition of its efforts to making the principles of sustainability, inclusivity, stewardship and innovation central to its growth as an institution.

Qalaa’s experience serves as benchmark for emerging markets companies and a model framework for the adoption and integration of the United Nations’ 17 distinct SDGs within business practices, as well as monitoring and reporting on progress through the periodic issuance of sustainability reports.

Hammouda will also highlight efforts by Qalaa’s subsidiaries to integrate the SDGs across their value chains, with particular emphasis on investments in energy such as the Egyptian Refining Company, Qalaa’s $3.7 billion refinery in Mostorod, and solid waste management platform Tawazon.


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