Vodafone introduces online JUMP Academy

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April 26–Vodafone Uganda has introduced the JUMP Academy after successfully launching the JUMP Portal, its e-learning […]

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Ssejoba, Joseph Nyakana, the Victoria University Vice Chancellor and Ndego listen as Ayeza gives details about the Vodafone JUMP Academy.

April 26–Vodafone Uganda has introduced the JUMP Academy after successfully launching the JUMP Portal, its e-learning platform earlier this year. The Academy offers a series of a recorded lecture videos on different subjects which will enhance the e-learning space for university students.

John Ndego, the Vodafone Uganda Chief Executive Officer said, “In an increasingly digitalized Africa, astonishing opportunities emerge when young people connect. These ambitious young and driven crops of innovators are unstoppable. Matched with our aspiration to empower young people, we have continued to deliver our creativity through digitalized education. We are cognizant that education is key to the successful transformation and development of any country; and Vodafone is proud to take the lead in this digital learning space through the JUMP Academy.”

Cynthia Ayeza the JUMP Editor for Education Category said the Academy will also provide a channel to partner with universities to help young people better themselves by giving them a platform to access formal education at a minimum cost for Vodafone customers. The launch took place at Victoria University in Kampala.

Referring to a UNESCO report, Timothy Ssejoba, the Principal Education Officer for Higher Education at the Ministry of Education and Sports said a country can only take off, if 40% of its population has achieved higher education.

“Uganda’s enrollment rate for higher education stands at 7 percent and even building more universities alone will not push us to achieve the 40% because not everyone can go through formal education and yet education is about bettering our nation,” he said.

Ssejoba said, “The JUMP Academy starts a new revolution, because it brings the information out of the classroom to everyone hence targeting more numbers.  We should move this to as many people as possible to get more numbers attaining higher education because it is the only engine through which we can transform ourselves.”

At the moment, the Academy offers topics on Human Nutrition, Advertising, Communications and Marketing which are updated each week. Other subjects in Uganda’s university curriculum will be added in  future.


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