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December 8—Attending university is an amazing stage in our lives as we get to advance in […]

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Using the internet, students can easily download the relevant learning material stress-free.

December 8—Attending university is an amazing stage in our lives as we get to advance in education  but also enjoy life to the fullest. Depending on what era you attended campus, the definition of fun and books has evolved.

In this millennial era most university students find it much easier to access research and prepare presentations for class online. Various sites like YouTube, Google Scholar among others have been useful in enabling students to get the information they require in time.

It is not only about the research, but also about accessing university services and updates, this is why various universities in Uganda and beyond borders have set up websites where students are able to access the latest updates on changes in their institutions.

There is no need any more to worry about walking to the photocopier just to buy a hand-out when you can download it online. This has created a conducive study environment within the university premises for both students and lecturers are able to access information conveniently.

Timetables can be accessed easily, and students can also hold discussions online which was not possible before especially for those who commute from home opposed to staying in a hostel or University hall. It is interesting that lecturers also send information to their students online both on formal platforms like email and informal platforms like WhatsApp in cases where each student group is assigned a specific project to accomplish.

It is because of the above changes in the education system that students and various institutions have realized the importance of the internet in enhancing education. This is why various universities have installed Wi-Fi hotspots in their premises so that both the students and the university staff can carry out their work on time in a very convenient manner.

Roy Tumwizere, the Head of Segments at Vodafone Uganda said,  “As Vodafone, we have partnered with universities because we believe that this is the time that young people are exploring what they are good at. They are building a future for themselves; building networks and relationships, understanding their skill-set and are excited to dive into their passions.”

He said students view the internet as a platform for discovery, learning and following up on the current trends.It is in this light that the company partnered with various universities to provide Wi-Fi in the premises of the institutions.

Universities such as Kampala International University and Makerere University Business School have already made access to information much easier by partnering with Vodafone to provide fast, reliable and affordable internet to individuals in their premises.  The Telco has also partnered with hostels like Akamwesi based in Nakawa and Kalmax based on Bombo road to further extend the fast connection to areas outside university premises.

What makes this interesting is the price at which each individual will access the Wi-Fi, it is very student friendly. For one hour, one gets to access the internet at seven hundred Uganda shillings only, by far the cheapest Wi-Fi on the market. With this unique Wi-Fi package, students will find it easier to access information online and prepare for tests, coursework, presentations, exams, name it on time.


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