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November 8—The internet is no longer merely a service,but has become an essential global lifestyle, writes […]

November 8—The internet is no longer merely a service,but has become an essential global lifestyle, writes Rebecca Atuhairwe.

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Rebecca Atuhairwe said customers can make savings by knowing what and what not to do with their data package.

For many internet users, the priority for choosing a service provider is speed. This explains why various organizations and individuals are embracing the 4G internet connection. As with anything new, understanding how it works is necessary if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits that it comes with.

For example a 4G connection will get you those great speeds you desire but might cost you a lot if not used efficiently. Let me give you some simple data tricks that will save you from unexplained data consumption.

It is on a few occasions that you sit back and think about how you can manage your data usage. You may not believe it, but the biggest consumer of your data is an unknown hacker near you. It is therefore important that you secure your Wi-Fi network and device with an often-changed password to prevent unauthorized connections.

That’s not all, you also need to switch off your MiFi when you’re not using the internet. This is because even when you are not actively online, your data will continue running as long as there is a connection. This goes hand in hand with restricting background applications, therefore switching to manual application updates from automatic is advisable. This is because automatic updates entail revamping various applications at the same time.

Do you ever look at someone’s device and wonder why they have so many applications, yet they don’t use most of them? Well, these also use up your data. Deleting dormant applications from your device saves a lot of data that is lost to unnecessary updates.

Another trick to managing your data is tracking your usage. Make good use of the data calculator estimate how much data you will consume depending on your usage. The tips of managing and tracking your data usage are endless but simple to use, taking them on will keep you away from frustration caused by unexplained fast data depletion.

Rebecca Atuhairwe is the Vodafone Head of Customer Service





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