Upcoming Stanbic Blue Weekend offers double bonus

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September 25, 2018—The upcoming Stanbic Bank Blue Weekend edition comes with added bonuses for those who […]

Started earlier this year, the Stanbic Bank Blue Weekends allow customers to get discounts when using their Visa card or Mastercard at participating outlets.

September 25, 2018—The upcoming Stanbic Bank Blue Weekend edition comes with added bonuses for those who will use their Visa card and Mastercard.

Sonia Karamagi the Stanbic Senior Marketing Manager said, “We aspire to be the bank for the future and as such we are consistently digitizing our customer experiences in Uganda. Since we launched Blue Weekends earlier this year, we have seen notable growth in on-boarding new merchant’s month-on-month.”

She said, “This month, we are happy to add two of the biggest social events of the year namely Kampala Fashion Week and Oktoberfest onto our campaign. We are positive that this partnership will provide the much-needed convenience for all individuals that will attend the events.”

Fashion Week is between September 27 and 29, but Stanbic customers will get a chance to buy tickets using their Visa cards at discounted prices. In addition, revelers planning to attend Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer and food festival on September 9 will also enjoy discounts on their ticket purchases.

Using plastic, tickets for the Kampala Fashion Week will go for UGX 90,000 compared to the normal UGX 100,000 while Oktoberfest ‘early bird’ tickets will be sold at UGX15,000 under the Blue Weekends promotion instead of Shs UGX20,000 for those paying in cash. These are now available at the Junction Bar and the Uganda Museum.

‘Blue Weekends’, which take place during the final weekend of each month, are a Stanbic Bank promotional campaign that favours customers who pay for goods and services using their Visa cards or Mastercards. By doing so, they enjoy discounts at various outlets which have Stanbic Bank Point of Sale (POS) terminals. This is in a bid to build and encourage digital payments.

Participating merchants armed with Stanbic POS terminals are ready to swipe your card and have you on your way with minimum fuss.

Blue Weekends has grown since its launch in March of this year with new merchants on-boarded on a monthly basis. This month, the promotion will take place from September 28  to September 30. Participating merchants include, Kahawa Café, Game Stores, Le Chateau, The Pantry, Gabiro, Piato, Karveli, Pizza Hut, H20, Atmosphere Bar, Epicurien, The Bistro and Risco Kids.

Karamagi said, “Convenience is at the core of our customer service. Our goal is to see card usage grow exponentially by building structures that make digital usage a lasting habit for customers.”

Stanbic Bank Blue Weekend bonus

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