Uganda’s Lemala Wild Waters Lodge, advances in race for Luxury Travel Advisor’s most Instagrammable property in the world

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Uganda’s Lemala Wild Waters Lodge has been nominated to compete for Luxury Travel Advisor’s Most Instagrammable […]

Uganda’s Lemala Wild Waters Lodge has been nominated to compete for Luxury Travel Advisor’s Most Instagrammable Property award 2022. The news was broken today, to Uganda’s tourism fraternity by Breathtaking Uganda chief executive Isaiah Jobs Rwanyekiro.

“Please join me and the rest of the world to first of all congratulate Wild Waters Lodge for this nomination and then allow me to request you all to vote for this facility to win this award that we shall proudly show off to the world as a country using the link below and tap on “Wild Waters Lodge” under the category of Europe and Africa. Vote now, The Most Instagrammable Property in The World 2022, Rwanyekiro said in a post on a WhatsApp page he set up to support Uganda’s tourism development.

The editors of Luxury Travel Advisor opened nominations, for the contest earlier this month and the shortlist has been whittled down to 64 properties.

“The idea is we’re looking for the best photo to post on social media—the one that will be racking up likes and comments, making you feel like you’re an influencer. You can help us pick a winner by voting for your favorite hotel in any/all of the following 32 polls. The winner of each round will move on in the bracket to face their new opponent. The process repeats until one hotel—the Most Instagrammable Hotel in the World—is left standing,” the editors explained.

Travel buffs can vote for Lemala through the following link.

Tucked away on an island surrounded by the roaring waters of the River Nile, Wild Waters Lodge offers a unique escape, with rushing rapids on one side, and soothing currents on the other. The property’s swimming pool is also unique, bordered by the rushing waters of the natural river. The property also offers great dining.

“We are proud to have been nominated and the fact that we are the only resort of the 64 that have qualified for this round is a huge pat on the shoulder for us regarding the amount of hard work and innovation we have put in to make Wild Waters Lodge a truly remarkable resort worthy of this spot on the global scale. Am happy and very excited about this nomination and call upon everyone to vote for us,” said Leanne Haigh CEO Lemala Luxury Resorts.”

“Our win will indeed be a win for Uganda as the Pearl of Africa with Wild Waters being the heart and soul of this Pearly Country.”


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