Uganda wants solid deals to lift minerals sector

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September 20—Uganda is looking for concrete deals that will add value to the country’s range of […]

September 20—Uganda is looking for concrete deals that will add value to the country’s range of minerals and this is the main driver point for the forthcoming 6th Annual Mineral Wealth Conference (MWC) being hosted by the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP).


The government would like to see a more organized approach to mining Uganda’s minerals rather than expanding the characteristic exodus of small-scale artisans to promising sites. 

The sector is currently dominated by small scale miners using rudimentary methods and the government wants a more organized approach that can also generate revenue for the Treasury.

Conference participation for Ugandans will cost $300 each while foreigners will pay $500. The conference will take place between October 4th and 5th in Kampala in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development under the theme ‘Minerals – Knocking on the door to cause economic transformation in Uganda’.

“In previous forums, our focus was mainly on showcasing Uganda’s mineral potential, advocating for value addition and attracting exploration investment. This was all geared towards creating a conducive and favourable environment in the mining sector,” Dr Elly Karuhanga, the UCMP Chairman said in the run-up to the event.

The country’s list of minerals include; copper, cobalt, tin, phosphates, vermiculite, gold, petroleum, chronite, magnetite, uranium, iron ore among others, including rare earth elements, which have become vital inputs for many gadgets developed from new technology.

He said, “We feel the time is now for Uganda to start earning significant revenues from its natural resources. Fortunately, our patron, President Yoweri Museveni, who has always advocated for the addition of value to our minerals, will be in attendance to lend his significant weight to this drive.”

Robert Kasande, the new Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Dr. Kabagambe-Kaliisa, a senior presidential advisor on oil and gas and minerals and Edwards Katto, the Director, Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines, will be among the speakers.


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