Uganda touts first Tourism Day

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May 26—Uganda’s first ‘Tourism Day’ is being launched on May 27 simultaneously at Lake Mburo National […]

The flagship of Lake Mburo National Park the Zebras are not any safe when it comes to drought there. Photo by Titus Kakembo

Zebras in Lake Mburo National Park are often more appreciated by foreigners than locals.

May 26—Uganda’s first ‘Tourism Day’ is being launched on May 27 simultaneously at Lake Mburo National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP). Access is free for residents in the vicinity of the parks, courtesy of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA.)

UWA official Steven Masaba told 256BN. “The lucky day is May 27, when we start strengthening conservation and join hands with communities that are living near parks to appreciate what is in their neighborhood. Can you believe there are tourists from abroad who save for 10 years to get the resources to visit these destinations?”

However visitors are expected to pay for other expenses like food and drink, accommodation and transport. Highlighting what is on offer, Masaba said, packages to milk a cow, making ghee and mingling  millet bread are available for a fee.

He said, “There are the newly bought boats to take you sailing on the lakes. You can take photos of giraffes, zebras, oribis and antelopes. This park is a reminder of the Biblical Garden of Eden. It is the only one of its kind in the world.”

At  QENP, the UWA spokesperson Simplious Gessa said, “You should see how people live with animals in harmony. There is a boat ride which is affordable and along the way one cannot miss the elephants, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles and birds that migrate from Europe during winter time.”

Coinciding with the occasion has a marathon organized code named Nshaha Wild Run which promotes conservation through athletics. The CEO Abdu Muhire said health conscious Ugandans can be made aware of conservation through jogging.

He said,“The marathon cause is very noble and we expect a good turn up from the entire country. It is time every Ugandan appreciated the wealth their country is endowed with. It is painful to see foreigners treasure Mount Rwenzori, gorillas, The Source of The Nile and animals which we take for granted.”



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