Uganda Investment Authority overhauls staff

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April 12, 2018—Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is undergoing staff restructuring involving some sackings as part of […]

April 12, 2018—Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is undergoing staff restructuring involving some sackings as part of its five-year strategic plan to help create over million new jobs by 2021.

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Kugonza and Kaguhangire said at the news conference the overall goal is to make UIA more effective.

“The structuring that is happening at UIA is an ongoing process. We started with directors and deputy directors and will soon go down to the other employees. This is mainly focused on expansion of the Authority, realignment of existing UIA staff into the new structure and recruitment of new staff if possible, “UIA board chairman Emely Kugonza told a news conference. Kugonza was appointed last year.

He said the UIA board, together with the finance ministry which provides oversight, came to the decision to restructure but the affected directors and other employees will be given an opportunity to reapply for any of the vacant positions.

He said, “UIA would like to inform the public that the restructuring process which started on 4th April is being carried out with the utmost transparency and fairness. For all positions that will fall vacant, we have started aninternal advertisement and all our staff including those that have been given termination letters are encouraged to apply.”

Kugonza said, “Only if we fail to get what we are looking for from our staff, will we do external advertising or head hurting. What we real want is to see that the Authority is able to do its job effectively to the international sta

UIA executive director, Jolly Kaguhangire said, “In the old structure, we had 68 employees. After the restructuring, we will have 134 employees who will be competent and able to help the Authority achieve its targets of making Uganda profitable for investment, business and also a land of entrepreneurial and innovative people.”

She disputed claims by some leaders that the Authority doesn’t have money and has to down size noting that although UIA is operating under a tight budget, it is still functional and able to carry out it’s mandate.

“We have been doing our job and in a few weeks, we will unveil some of our achievements. First with the establishment of the one-stop centre and the investment parks. Although we don’t have enough money, we are still able to operate within the available funds and we are actually going to add on the number of our employees,” she said


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