Uganda coffee exports fetched USD36 million in April

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Uganda saw an 18pc surge in the volume of coffee exported in April 2020 over the […]

Uganda saw an 18pc surge in the volume of coffee exported in April 2020 over the comparable period for calendar 2019 fetching USD36.93 million in revenue, the Uganda Coffee Development Authority UCDA, says in its latest report.

Earnings increased 22.9pc on the back of higher volumes and better prices. Robusta’s accounted for the bulk of exports weighing in at 262,676 of the 359,973 60-kilo bags that were exported during the month.

The variety also fetched USD 22.55 million of the USD36.93 million in combined revenues from sales of Robusta and Arabica.

The UCDA attributed the growth in volumes to the maturity of newly planted trees and a drawdown on stocks held by exporters. The agency further says export performance was impacted by logistical challenges associated with the two month lockdown that authorities imposed to preclude rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Exports on the first ten months of financial Year 2019/20 peaked at 4,243,282 sixty-kilo bags worth USD 413.53 million. That compares with 3,481,328 sixty-kilo bags worth USD 350.26 million the previous year.

“This represents 21.89pc and 18.06pc increase in both quantity and value respectively. Cumulatively in the twelve months between May 2019 and April 2020), a total of 4.93 million 60-kg bags worth US$ 478.47 million were exported,” UCDA says.

Italy was by far the largest export destination accounting for just over a quarter of the volumes followed by Germany 17.55pc. Sudan came in third with 54,220 bags representing 15.31pc. The other big markets were India which bought 37,902 bags followed by Spain and the United States at 28,414 bags and 26,069 bags respectively.

Exports to Africa accounted for 16.28pc while Uganda’s former colonial master the United Kingdom bought just 200 bags. Emerging market China took 320 bags.


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