January 04, 2019

Ubumwe Grand Hotel fetches $34 million in auction

Ubumwe Grand Hotel was to be re-hatted as a Hilton Double Tree in 2017 but a shareholder put paid to the plans

December 24, 2018 – Rwanda’s signature hotel development Ubumwe Grande, has today fetched $34.053 million in as auctioneers moved to recover money owed to  Kenya Commercial Bank’s Rwandan unit.

The winning  bid for the property was offered by little known Umubano Industries, a trading company that was registered three years ago.

More than a dozen interested parties put in bids for the property that went under the hammer over an outstanding $19 million loan the shareholder took from the lender for the hotels construction. Ubumwe was put under receivership in September, after a shareholder dispute stalled loan repayments.

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The $34 million bid is the highest value fetched in any auction in Rwanda. The property had also been lined up for re-branding as a Double Tree by Hilton in 2017 but the raging shareholder dispute halted the plans.


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