Stanbic gives Mutebile a 72-tree salute

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Ugandan lender Stanbic will be planting 72 fruit trees at its tier one branches across the […]

Ugandan lender Stanbic will be planting 72 fruit trees at its tier one branches across the country in memory of  departed Bank of Uganda Governor  Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile who died  January 23, at 72 years.

Chief executive Anne Juuko, flagged off the exercise, planting the first of 72 fruit-trees, a jackfruit, at the lender’s Kyambogo branch on January 27. She was accompanied by the University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Musoke Maria, Director Finance, Planning and Administration, National Council for Higher Education, Arthur Babu Muguzi, and Grace Baguma, Director, National Curriculum Development Center.

“We are planting the trees across our branch network around the country. These fruit trees symbolise the governor’s fruitful life; we’ll water and nurture them as a way of preserving his legacy,” said Juuko, shortly after planting the first of 72 trees, representing the fallen banker’s age.

“The most important work of Bank of Uganda, any central bank, is to ensure price stability (inflation control). It is easy to take this work for granted until you live in countries where the price of basic commodities like salt changes every day; that is when you start to appreciate the importance of price stability.

Fortunately for Uganda prices have generally been stable for the longest of time and we have one man to thank for it, Professor Mutebile who spent years ensuring our country’s macroeconomic stability, for that and many other achievements, we celebrate his life,” Juuko said.

The Kyambogo University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Maria Musoke who also planted a tree, lauded the late Governor saying that he dedicated his life to serving his country and that planting trees is a good way of preserving his legacy.

“As a botanist, I am glad that Stanbic Bank has chosen to honour Governor’s life by planting these fruit trees which means Professor Mutebile may have died physically but through these plants, his legacy shall live on for generations to come and the fruits of these trees shall be enjoyed just like the country benefited from the many years of his fruitful service,” said Dr. Musoke.

Grace Baguma, the director, National Curriculum Development Center who also participated in the symbolic tree planting activity noted that Professor Mutebile was one of Uganda’s finest intellectuals whose work will live on and continue to shape the country’s economic policy making. “I commend Stanbic Bank for this gesture. Choosing to remember Professor Mutebile in this manner means as these trees grow, they will keep his memory fresh among us,” she said.

Arthur Babu Muguzi, the Director Finance, Planning and Administration at National Council for Higher Education said Professor Mutebile will be remembered for being a man of integrity who was dedicated to executing the mandate of Bank of Uganda.

“I am happy to be part of this tree planting activity to commemorate the life of a great man. Professor Emmanuel Mutebile has died but left a great mark because of his good work; may his soul rest in peace,” said Muguzi.

Professor Mutebile who served as Bank of Uganda Governor for over 20 years will be laid to rest on Sunday January 31, 2022.

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