Stanbic Bank shows the LOVE in August

Tom Otiti receives a certificate of recognition for his loyalty to Stanbic from Namutosi at the launch of the LOVE month today.
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August 5—Stanbic Bank will recognise and reward the loyalty and business of their customers over the […]

August 5—Stanbic Bank will recognise and reward the loyalty and business of their customers over the years and has dubbed August as ‘Customer service/LOVE month’.

“The LOVE month is a period dedicated to our clients, both internal and external. The month is comprised of a series of activities founded on our strategic growth drivers that enable Stanbic Bank to deliver our Customer LOVE oath,” Stanbic’s Head of Service Quality, Yvonne Namutosi said today during the official launch in Kampala.

She said this year’s events will kick off with recognition of over 1,300 customers who have banked with Stanbic for the last 30 years. “As a bank, we want to appreciate our customers for their business/loyalty over the years, for giving us the opportunity to help deliver a better tomorrow for them and inadvertently driving Uganda’s growth. We have customers who have walked the transition journey with us and have trusted and banked with Stanbic for several decades,” she said.

The bank will also hold a three day interactive expo to involve its staff, customers and the general public at large. Namutosi said, “At the Expo, customers will be enlightened with information about financial fitness, wellness, legal clinics and have an opportunity to interact with a whole range of our products & solutions. During the 3rd week, we shall also visit our customers to deepen those relationships, listen to them, and provide solutions to their needs.”

Namutosi said, viewed internally, the Customer Service Month is a reminder to bank staff of their LOVE oath towards Stanbic clients and serves to continue driving awareness and a mindset shift among the staff to put the client at the center of everything the bank does.

Chief Executive, Patrick Mweheire said, “We want to appreciate our customers for their business/loyalty. We want to say thank you and demonstrate that we are here to deliver a better tomorrow and drive Uganda’s growth. We have heavily invested in a customer centric model of operation which puts the customer at the center of our focus. This has enabled the Bank to come up with innovative solutions and channels which have helped improve convenience for the customer while bringing down transaction costs.”

He said, “Increasingly the success and sustainability of an organisation like ours is defined not only by its profitability, provision of affordable credit, and availability of banking products and services but also by its investment in activities that directly impact the communities in which it operates. And as such, to close off the month, we shall go out to the communities with various CSI initiatives.”

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