Stanbic announces new fuel top-up package with Total

Imemba (second left) and Mweheire (second right), say the new partnership will give customers much more convenience in the way they pay for Total services based on Stanbic’s Agent banking across the country.
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Customers with prepaid Total Fuel Cards can now load up more conveniently at over 1,500 Stanbic […]

Customers with prepaid Total Fuel Cards can now load up more conveniently at over 1,500 Stanbic Agents across the country following a new partnership between Stanbic Bank Uganda and Total Uganda Limited.

“Stanbic Bank is proud to be in partnership with Total Uganda in an initiative that will enable customers reload their fuel cards conveniently at any of our Stanbic Agents. Stanbic has the largest network of agents with over 1,500 across the country therefore offering great flexibility for over 40,000 total fuel card customers,” Patrick Mweheire, the bank’s Chief Executive said at the launch of the scheme on Thursday.

This is just one of many future benefits Stanbic will offer in partnership with Total. Soon, customers will also have the option of topping up using internet banking, USSD or via mobile money.

Speaking at the media briefing, the Managing Director Total Uganda Obi Imemba said, ‘’Customer expectations are changing, along with their relationship to energy. With products and services that are more digital, more responsible and closer to their requirements, we anticipate our customers’ needs to ensure that we remain their preferred partner. New trends require digitalization of the customer experience, greater emphasis on product utility and increased energy efficiency. We are transforming our customers’ expectations and their relationship with energy.”

Total prepaid was launched in 2017 to ease planning and spending on fuel and all services across the Total offerings, including car service, shopping from the Bonjour shops, coffee, cooking gas refills, car wash and car care products. The card which is accepted across the Total network minimizes the risk that comes with carrying cash and gives users instant discounts of up to UGX50 per litre of fuel every time it is used.

Imemba said, “At Total, we have an unwavering commitment to listening to our customers, which enables us to evolve with them and anticipate their needs. To preserve this close relationship, we focus on innovation and on delivering high-quality products and services. For this reason, we have developed customer promises to include responsibility, safety, proximity, cleanliness and convenience.”

Stanbic Bank Uganda is a member of the Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets. Standard Bank Group reported total assets of R2.1 trillion ($148 billion) as at 31 December 2018, while its market capitalization was at R289 billion ($20 billion). The group has direct, on-the-ground representation in 20 African countries. Standard Bank Group has 1,221 branches and 8,815 ATMs in Africa, making it one of the largest banking networks on the continent. It provides global connections backed by deep insights into the countries where it operates.

Mweheire said, “I’m also pleased to announce that Stanbic is first bank in Uganda to offer agent banking as an option for reloading Fuel Cards. Customers will have real time updates on their card balance as soon as a deposit is made at any agent and the service is free of charge. As Uganda’s leading bank, this initiative comes as part of the banks digitization drive. In the near future, our plan is to offer more digital payment options through our various platforms including: Flexipay, Internet Banking and the ATM.”

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