SafeBoda offers 50% savings on mobile bookings

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June 8, 2018—SafeBoda Uganda, a motor bike taxi firm, has announced a 50% reduction for its […]

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SafeBoda is offering a 50% reduction on fares once the customer uses the company’s mobile application.

June 8, 2018—SafeBoda Uganda, a motor bike taxi firm, has announced a 50% reduction for its customers that will use mobile money to pay for their ride through its new SafeBoda application.

“With the new promotion, passengers will not only enjoy a cashless experience, but also save on transport using the SafeBoda credit of the 20% discount. This is will also rule out any inconveniences that may come with paying cash or looking for change in case one doesn’t have changed money and the boda person does not have too,” Ricky Rapa Thomson, a co-founder of SafeBoda said.

SafeBoda Uganda has recently revitalised its approach and set up offices in Kamwokya on the outskirts of central Kampala where riders have been recruited and equipped with the company’s distinctive orange helmets and other items for easy identification. Boda boda transport is the quickest way to get around Kampala especially during traffic jams, but these riders are notorious for their lack of caution or regard for traffic regulations as opposed Safeboda.

The firm wants to encourage increased uptake of their services. However, a Safeboda user who wants to enjoy this discount is required to have credit on their MTN or Airtel mobile money account which will be registered on the SafeBoda application.

Once one orders for a ride using the application, a price will be determined and money will be deducted from their mobile money and goes straight to the SafeBoda account instead of paying the boda person after the ride.

Speaking at the launch at their head offices, Maxine Dieudonne, also a cofounder at SafeBoda said the move will not affect the earnings of the riders and that they will continue to receive their full amount on a weekly or monthly basis directly from SafeBoda.

“If anything, it increases their earnings if as many people as possible can order their trips off the App, it’s a win-win situation and we are excited about it,” Dieudonne said.

Launched in February 2017, the SafeBoda application has been welcomed by the city dwellers with over 5000 people already logged in on the system and over 1000 riders. According to officials, SafeBoda is already active in all five divisions of Kampala, but is still limited by small number of riders. The company is targeting 5000 riders by end of this year to cater for rising demand.

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