MTN Uganda nips group ‘Best Network Experience Award’

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MTN Uganda brought home the ‘Best Network Experience Award’ among all 22 MTN group operations that […]

MTN Uganda brought home the ‘Best Network Experience Award’ among all 22 MTN group operations that was announced during the MTN Group Leadership Forum held in South Africa on October 17.

The award was based on Net Promoter Score (NPS) data for Uganda collected by Dashboard, a market research and insights company. This was done through general public surveys across all MTN markets. Respondents were asked for their views on network performance across different operators and each of the scores for the respective operators matched against each other to obtain the relative NPS. Across all of MTN’s markets, Uganda had the biggest positive relative NPS for Network.

Whereas this was the first time that this award was presented, the plan is for it to become an annual accolade. The NPS data is tracked on a quarterly basis.

“MTN Uganda has been ahead of its best competitor since these metrics started being tracked.What makes this special is that MTN won in two ways; we are winning compared to our competitors in Uganda, and also achieved the largest positive improvement if we compare it to all the MTN Operations,” said MTN’s Chief Executive Officer Wim Vanhelleputte.

He added that MTN Uganda was proud to be recognized as having the best quality network in the country. “The data released by this research conducted by Dashboard also validates the recent Quality Performance report released by the national telecommunications regulator, Uganda Communications Commission.

The award did not come as a surprise to regular travelers in countries where MTN has operations. Citing their 3G experience in South Africa and Rwanda, MTN Uganda subscribers expressed frustration at the near non-availability or lack of functional value in the 3G products on these sister networks.

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