KLM joins WhatsApp to ease air travel

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September 8—WhatsApp and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have started a unique test for a new service […]

September 8—WhatsApp and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have started a unique test for a new service on WhatsApp. KLM now offers customers booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass, flight status updates and a chance to ask questions in 10 different languages on WhatsApp via the official WhatsApp Business application.

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A passenger can get confirmation of their seat using the new WhatsApp service.

KLM is one of the first companies and the very first airline worldwide with a verified WhatsApp business account.   KLM President and CEO Pieter Elbers said early this week, “I am very proud that KLM is the world’s first airline with a verified WhatsApp account. This unique partnership with WhatsApp underlines our position as an aviation pioneer. We want to be where businesses like KLM can connect with their customers in a fast and personal way on WhatsApp.”

He said, “The rollout has already started in a limited number and, given the one billion users, you have to be on WhatsApp. With an account verified by WhatsApp, we offer our customers worldwide a reliable way to receive their flight information and ask questions 24/7. This truly is a major next step in our social media strategy.”

KLM flight info is easy to find through the verified WhatsApp account, offering flight information to customers through a verified WhatsApp business account. This makes information easy to access in a single place, making it available at the airport, en route or at home. Customers can also directly contact KLM’s social media service agents, 24/7, via WhatsApp. The service is available to customers who book tickets or check in via KLM.com and opt-in to receive information via WhatsApp.

KLM has over 25 million fans and followers on various social media platforms. Through these channels, KLM receives over 100,000 mentions every week, 15,000 of which are questions or remarks. These are personally answered by more than 250 service agents, who form the world’s largest, dedicated social media team.

Together with a small number of businesses, WhatsApp is testing ways for businesses to communicate with customers using the application. WhatsApp wants to create value for both customers and the businesses they connect with in their daily lives. This pilot programme is part of that effort. To this end, the service will become more widely available in the coming days and weeks.

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