Kampala Sheraton makes cake a feast for all seasons

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KAMPALA, JULY30 – Once perceived as a treat for the girls cake is fast turning into […]

BlkfrstKAMPALA, JULY30 – Once perceived as a treat for the girls cake is fast turning into a necessity at all celebrations, the same way birthdays are no longer for only women but for men as well. It is in the latter tradition that Temptations, the Kampala Sheraton’s confectionery shop, has chosen to walk.

“Cake makes any celebration worthwhile and this stretches to all kinds of celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings to mention but a few,” says Kampala Sheraton Marketing Director Jennifer Musiime, explaining that while they used to be associated with big events such as weddings and serious celebrations, times have since changed to a point where cake is for anytime and every celebration.

“I am very confident and comfortable to say that our confectionery shop, ‘Temptations’ makes the best and most affordable cake in Kampala. Though Black Forest is one of the better known cakes, we have other flavors to flatter the palate from at affordable prices,” she adds.

The Sheraton is also redefining cake as something that is not only for celebrations but can be eaten after a meal as desert, at breakfast or as a snack. Pointing to the less obvious benefits of eating cake, Musiime says cakes have numerous health benefits. For instance cakes baked using dark chocolate contain Flavanols and catechins that resist the damage caused by the oxidation process and thus cakes acting as anti-oxidants agents. It has also been proven that cakes are stress relievers especially those with chocolate because of the sugar in them that is converted into glucose and thus energy which triggers a happy and relaxed mood. Cakes that contain fruits like apples, berries, carrots and pineapples are a good source of fiber and high-fiber diets are known to help in better digestion. Regular intake of cake containing those fruits will help increase the fiber level in your body thus improved digestion and thus reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and hypertension.

Bodybuilders or people who want to add on mass are advised to include cake in their diet because it has a couple of nutrients like vitamins, calcium; and proteins which are body-building foods and also provides energy which is needed when training in the gym.

Musiime also urges caution. Cake should not to be taken on a daily basis since it does not constitute the whole package of a balanced diet. “They should be taken once in a while and remember to always take a balanced diet for healthy living,” she says.

Temptation’s Martin Kisseka says cakes have always been part of celebrations and generally the art of meals. Cakes come in different flavors, shapes, colors and sizes depending on what an individual want. Cakes also vary in the ingredients used for instance foam and spongy cakes, tortes, unbaked cakes, yeast cakes, flourless or less flour cakes, egg and oil cakes among others. Many cakes bakers are creatively coming up with more varieties of cakes and this is mainly because of changing trends in tastes, costs and many others. At temptations we have adopted most of the famous cakes like black forest, red velvet to mention but a few and we can also make cakes of your preference.

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