Indian medical provider teams up with AAR Uganda

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August 21—Medical insurance company, AAR Uganda, has joined India-based HBG Medical Assistance, to launch a web […]

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Moitra of HBG Medical Assistance displays the portal last week as Ssebale looks on.

August 21—Medical insurance company, AAR Uganda, has joined India-based HBG Medical Assistance, to launch a web portal which will allow Ugandan patients to get a second medical opinion from Indian specialists.

“As a medical insurance company we are committed in offering quality products at cheaper prices. The general public should embrace the technology, because it’s free of charge. Apart from helping Ugandan patients, the portal will also offer a wide range of advantages to our local medical personnel since through the portal Doctorscan will be able to consult with their Indian colleagues,”  Mohammed Ssebale, the Head of Finance at AAR Uganda told a news conference.

Depending on the type of health insurance coverage,  clients can either pay costs out-of-pocket and then be reimbursed by the insurer or the insurer makes direct payments to the provider.

The public can log onto htt:/ fill in the required details that is to say name gender, contact details: email and phone number, upload the medical reports for review to get the second opinion on the same day but definitely within 24 working hours.

The portal has been used by HBG in over 10 countries where they collaborate with medical insurance companies in the last 6 years according to Abhik Moitra, the President of HBG said they have assisted over 6,000 in getting their second medical opinion and those found to be in need of highly medical specialized attention have been worked on in India

He said, “Ugandans should exploit the benefits associated with this portal, because after using it we can connect the patient to world class medical specialists who will be reviewing the medical reports submitted on the second opinion portal. As HBG we are committed to provide this kind of support to Ugandans in accessing specialized medical services.”

According to officials, they want  to help reduce the costs of accessing specialized medical treatment abroad where most Ugandans suffering from complicated diseases have been referred for medical attention.

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