ICT’s the new frontier against illicit trade

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March 20, 2018 – From cargo tracking solutions to document authentication, the recent World Customs Organisation […]

IMG_20180314_104942March 20, 2018 – From cargo tracking solutions to document authentication, the recent World Customs Organisation authorized economic operator conference in Kampala demonstrated the frontline role ICT’s are playing in helping customs authorities fight illicit trade and tax evasion.

Manufacturers and system vendors showcased an interesting array of solutions in product authentication, cargo tracking, customs revenue assurance and border integrity.

Hong Kong based Bsmart Solutions displayed its tamper-proof electronic customs seals and modular regional electronic cargo tracking system that can track consignments at the container, warehouse and transit levels.

Managing Director Stephen Teang says in Tanzania, the government has adopted the system to help report violations of the operational code for passenger bus companies that are not supposed to move after midnight.

“Before they installed our system, operators would break the rules because police did not have the resources to physically enforce adherence to timetables. With our system, they get automatic alerts of any violation and mount a targeted intervention he told 256BN on the sidelines of the fourth editions of the WCO –AEO conference.

To most people across the world, British documents company De La Rue is better known for printing currency and secure documents. So how is it transforming in the digital age?

“Most customs processes still generate a significant amount of paper based documents, so authenticity is a challenge. For instance, how does a customs officer know that the physical seal or customs stamp on a product is genuine? We provide the back end technology that reads and attests to the authenticity of paper documents,” says Andrew Gilbert the Business Development Manager responsible for authentication and traceability at De La Rue.

Chinese giant Huawei was touting its smart customs solution that encompasses clearance systems, logistics supervision, ICT infrastructure and customs single window.

In all, the products on offer facilitate a faster flow of trade, cargo and revenue security as well all which translate into a lower cost of doing business.

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