Entebbe airport to get passport eKiosks in Dutch deal

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January 14, 2018—Dutch digital security company, Gemalto, has won a contract to install an e-immigration system […]

With eKiosks similar to these at Toronto International Airport, travelers through Entebbe, can expect more speed and efficiency.

January 14, 2018—Dutch digital security company, Gemalto, has won a contract to install an e-immigration system that would make the processing of travelers through Entebbe International Airport quicker and more efficient.

Gemalto will be working with a local partner, SCINTL, to supply a Border Management System, including airport self-service eKiosks at the airport. However details of the cost are not readily available.

The world’s largest maker of SIM cards was also the supplier of a Visa Management System (VMS) that was first installed in 2014 by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) overseen by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In a statement, General Jeje A. Odongo, the Minister said, “Gemalto is a proven and valued partner of DCIC. The new Automated Border Control Solution (ABC) –marks the latest step forward in the modernization, enhancement of security of border control management in Uganda, delivering important benefits for visitors and citizens alike.”

The proposed system involves Gemalto’s state-of-the-art fingerprint and facial recognition technology, combined with a passport scan to ensure swift and accurate identification of passengers leaving the country. It complements the VMS.

Self-service eKiosks are expected to offer a safer and speedier experience for passengers in Uganda while fingerprint and facial recognition ensures accurate identification of travelers

Thierry Mesnard, the VP Sales Africa for Gemalto said, “Rapid growth in international air travel is going hand in hand with profound cross-border threats such as terrorism, illegal immigration and organized crime. With the introduction of advanced automated kiosks at Entebbe Airport, the Ugandan authorities are once again demonstrating their commitment to addressing all these challenges.”

SCINTL will provide vital local support and know-how for a solution that encompasses supply, installation and maintenance. Overseas visitors are playing a key role in Uganda’s economic development, and many will now enjoy the option of a safe, fast-track border crossing experience,” Cephas Bushuyu, the Managing Director for SCINTL said.

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