Digi-Cash aims to increase Stanbic digital transactions

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September 4, 2018—A 100 people are to share UGX100 million for using Stanbic Bank Uganda digital […]

September 4, 2018—A 100 people are to share UGX100 million for using Stanbic Bank Uganda digital channels to carry out their transactions as part of the bank’s new Digi-Cash campaign.

Stanbic wants to increase customer convenience by encouraging use of a range of digital channels available to them.

SBU Head of Digital Banking, Veronica Sentongo said early this week, there is an increased customer awareness of the bank’s digital platforms with 98 pc of new accounts being on-boarded through digital platforms and they want to maintain the momentum.

She said, “The campaign’s aim is therefore to continue to encourage customers to utilize all the alternative digital platforms and increase the usage of our digital banking offering as a preferred service to facilitate convenience. We have understood our customer needs and through providing low-cost self-service digital channels, we are able to put our customers in control of their overall banking experience.”

Clients who make transactions through Mobile banking, Agent banking and the StanbicApp will stand a chance to win UGX 1 million every week over the next four months. “ We want to equate that experience to walking into a branch. We have taken seriously, the increasing need and use of technology and the internet in facilitating convenience and continue to invest through innovative means,” she said.

Throughout this year SBU has increased its service offering on its digital channels to better achieve the objectives with this campaign. Customers can now open accounts online as well access more services on Agent banking. The latest campaign will also address the need to define and demonstrate the value of digital banking and drive high value transactions.

She said, “We are looking at migrating most of our transactions to digital platforms and leave the bank branches as value addition points towards the customer. Already more than 50 pc of our bank transactions are digital and we are encouraging all our customers to continue utilizing all our digital platforms which are available to them 24/7. Through digital banking, Stanbic makes transactions and financial services a lot easier to access thus making life a lot easier.”

SBU is part of the South African-based Standard Bank Group, which in 2017 reported assets of $165 billion and earnings of $2 billion. SBU is a listed company on the Uganda Securities Exchange.


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