ADSoftware pitches its aircraft maintenance app to African airlines, MRO’s

Passenger airplane on maintenance of engine and fuselage check repair in airport hangar.
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Toulouse based ADSoftware has announced the coming to market of eWork, a new aircraft maintenance project […]

Toulouse based ADSoftware has announced the coming to market of eWork, a new aircraft maintenance project management app, that the manufacturer says offers a 25pc reduction in aircraft maintenance completion and turnaround times.

The app achieves that goal while providing complete transparency of task status, the personnel and the equipment used in performing them.

ADSoftware says the app is designed “to provide complete visibility, detailed monitoring and analysis,” of the airworthiness, engineering, logistics, tooling and cost management aspects of line and base maintenance.

The app reportedly reduces the potential for unexpected delays and unbudgeted costs that are typically incurred through the lags in conventional communications between aircraft operators, maintenance facilities and parts depots. It is designed to support the maintenance of aircraft anywhere in the world and is specifically intended as an affordable tool for small and medium-size airlines, corporate, VIP, General Aviation, para-public and military fixed wing aircraft and helicopter operators as well as third party aircraft maintenance and repair organisations.

ADSoftware says on average its solution costs a tenth of more complex and cumbersome IT tools.

Regional aircraft manufacturer, ATR, has implemented eWork along with other ADSoftware modules in its airworthiness management unit and its maintenance and repair organisation (MRO).  ATR’s MRO performs about 15 aircraft maintenance and service checks every year.

“Feedback we have received from ATR is that it has notably shortened maintenance tasks and improved productivity in the first year of use. For commercial aircraft operators this represents a significant saving in labour costs and ensures aircraft are returned to the line and generating revenue again much sooner.   It provides tactical advantages for military operators by improving operational mission-readiness,” explained ADSoftware CEO, Fred Ulrich.

ATR’s decision to use eWork has been a game-changer for ADSoftware.  “ATR recognised the value and has proved the robustness, functionality and benefits of the solution.  As a result, we now have a growing customer base and strong order book,” he added.eWork’s customer portfolio includes Sabena Aerospace, Héli Union and the South Africa-based ACMI operator, Global Airways (it operates and maintains a fleet of A320s and A340-500s).

eWork is the product of a three-year development project that aimed to provide a secure, affordable, transparent and easy-to-use tool for managing and validating aircraft maintenance costs, tasks, parts inventory and personnel qualification.

As eWork is cloud-based and can be used on laptops, tablets and smartphones, it enables aircraft owners and operators to easily keep track – in near real time – of the progress and status of their equipment while it is undergoing repair or maintenance in their own facilities or at third party MROs.

Data captured by eWork can be downloaded and used to create the necessary aircraft, equipment and personnel logs and reports required by airworthiness authorities and personnel qualification and licencing bodies.

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