$300,000 set aside to fund internships at various companies

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October 4—Money has become available for selected students to get hands-on experience at various companies covering […]


Badagawa said the scheme targets companies willing to take on interns.

October 4—Money has become available for selected students to get hands-on experience at various companies covering agri-business, construction and manufacturing which is expected to help their chances of getting permanent jobs in the near future.

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), on behalf of Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development, is implementing the Skills Development Facility (SDF) funded by the government of Uganda and the World Bank.

Gideon Badagawa, the PSFU Executive Director said, “This particular form of internship targets companies willing to take on interns from vocational training institutions. The key requirements included among others; one, the company has been in existence for at least two years, active in specific sectors that is agriculture or construction or manufacturing sectors in Uganda and has intentions of taking on interns from training institutions,”

About 23 companies have been awarded grants to take on 884 students from 30 public and private technical and vocational training institutions for a period of four months. Just over a billion shilliogs or $300,000 has been made available.

Ruth Biyinzika Musoke, Head of Project, SDF said, “Practical skills will be extended to interns in order to enable them develop relevant skills that is needed on the current labor market. Placement of interns is expected to start 1st October 2017.”

The grants will be provided to companies that are active in the agribusiness, construction and manufacturing sectors; internship, apprenticeship and industrial attachment.

SDF supports employer-led short term training, recognition of prior learning as well as increased access to internship, apprenticeship and industrial attachment for Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) students. The facility is financing the improvement of students’ skill training systems that focuses on short-term practical and technical training.

Other key items to be funded include training materials, insurance, meals, transport and accommodation. Objectives also include linking academic programs of students next to work-based learning experience, exposure to create a linkage between classroom learning and professional expectations, to improve on competitiveness especially on the current labour demand. SDF is expected to improve quality and relevance of attachments to increase progressive skill acquisitions,  improve career preparation, development and hands -on work and to create knowledge and public awareness about work-place learning.

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