RwandAir becomes second African airline to sign IATA safety leadership charter

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Flag carrier RwandAir has become the second African airline to sign to the The International Air […]

Flag carrier RwandAir has become the second African airline to sign to the The International Air Transport Association’s IATA Safety Leadership Charter an initiative that seeks to enhance  organizational safety culture. The charter is one of the areas of focus in IATA’s Collaborative Aviation Safety Improvement Program (CASIP), under Focus Africa.

IATA announced the development today with Rwandair chief executive Yvonne Makolo reaffirming that “safety is not just a priority but a fundamental principle guiding our operations. “

“Our organizational culture is deeply rooted in robust safety practices, making it the cornerstone of our operational integrity. By signing the IATA Safety Leadership Charter, we are not only reaffirming our unwavering commitment to a culture of safety but also recognizing the imperative to continuously build on the work that has gone before,” she said.

Developed in consultation with IATA members and the wider aviation community, the IATA Safety Leadership Charter is designed to support industry executives in entrenching a positive safety culture within their organizations.

It requires leaders to demonstrate organisational commitment to safety through both words and actions; foster safety awareness among employees, the leadership team, and the board.

Among others, leaders should also create an atmosphere of trust, where all employees feel responsible for safety and are encouraged and expected to report safety-related information; and guide the integration of safety into business strategies, processes, and performance measures and creating the internal capacity to manage and achieve organizational safety goals.

Says said Kamil Alawadhi, IATA’ Regional Vice-President for Africa and the Middle East: “Enhancing aviation safety in Africa is not just a critical priority; it’s a fundamental component of the continent’s overall development. Fostering a robust safety culture is paramount. We commend RwandAir’s leadership for their commitment to safety by signing the IATA Safety Leadership Charter. This clearly demonstrates their dedication to cultivating a strong safety culture and continuously striving for improvements that benefit not only RwandAir but the broader industry as well,”

According to IATA, slightly over 40 airline leaders have signed up to the charter since launch last September, with  RwandAir and Ethiopian being the only African signatories.

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