October 05, 2018

December date for UAE trade team heading to Uganda

November 14—Early next month a delegation from the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and the Sharjah Exports Development Centre will be in Kampala to host an East Africa Trade Mission for the benefit of the Uganda’s business community.

According to the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), the East Africa Trade Mission wants to provide Ugandan companies with an opportunity to understand how one can gain access to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market.

The event starting December 7th, will enable local company representatives to meet with potential suppliers, distributors and potential joint venture partners with from UAE. The East African Trade Mission will be the second after the previous one which was held in 2016 at the same venue, the Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

Dubai in the UAE, is one of the leading one-stop centres for traders from the East African Community countries.  At continental level, African exports to the UAE grew by 11% over the past five years. The UAE also ranks 19th among countries with the most exports to Africa.


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