Pizza Hut signs up for Stanbic Blue Weekends campaign

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July 2, 2018—Pizza Hut Uganda has become the latest outlet to join the Stanbic ‘Blue Weekends. […]

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Karamagi  (foreground right) joins in for a selfie as Stanbic staff and invited guests dig into their slices to mark the official launch of the Pizza Hut joining  Blue Weekends.

July 2, 2018—Pizza Hut Uganda has become the latest outlet to join the Stanbic ‘Blue Weekends. The promotional campaign takes place on the last weekend of every month at selected outlets mainly in and around Kampala.

“As a bank, we are ardent on digitizing customer experiences through the use of our digital payment platforms. Pizza Hut is a well-known outlet and brand that brings friends and families together, suited to our customers’ lifestyles. Therefore, bringing them on board enables us to fulfill their aspirations and ambitions through providing the utmost convenience for customers without ever having to worry about carrying cash,” Sonia Karamagi Kassaga, the Stanbic Bank Uganda Senior Marketing Manager said over the weekend.

Blue Weekends’ is a Stanbic Bank promotion that allows customers to pay and enjoy discounts using their Visa cards at various participating outlets through the Stanbic POS terminals and digital channels.

She said the campaign, now in its fourth month, has picked up since its launch in March, attracting more outlets to participate. Pizza Hut is one of the latest to join. Eleven outlets will participate in the campaign this month.

Michael Davis, the restaurant’s Principal Operator said, Pizza Hut always puts the customer first and joining the ‘Blue weekends’ campaign is simply another step in giving back to their customers and appreciating their loyalty.

“We want to build a lifelong friendship through the love of pizza and the ‘Epic Pizza’ brings another opportunity for our customers to come together and enjoy one of their favorite flavors; Pepperoni, Tandoori Chicken, Cheese, Veggie or Meat. Families and friends will certainly enjoy this one,” he said.

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The ‘NEW Epic Pizza’ comes with a two-litre bottle of Coca Cola to wash it all down.

Pizza Hut joins Le Chateau, Karveli, Atmosphere Lounge, EUPRICRINE, The Bistro, Game Stores, Gabiro Lounge, H2O Bar, Piato and The Pantry in participating in the promotion.

Recent reports show out of Uganda’s banked population of roughly six million people in the market; about 1.5 million have Visa cards of which 99 pc of all transactions are done via ATMs. The challenge however is that card usage in Uganda is very low at only between two percent and five percent.

Karamagi said, “We want to grow these numbers. Our aim is to provide convenience and to promote a cashless economy. Customers can access their bank accounts through the card itself rather than going to the banks to withdraw money which ultimately offers the same goal which is money for transaction.”

This comes at a time when Pizza Hut has just introduced a new product to the market dubbed ‘NEW Epic Pizza’ which is 75 pc larger than their large size pizza. It is meant for group gatherings including friends and families.


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