The Innovation Village emerges winner in mid-sized company survey

Japheth and his team, dedicated the awards to all those across Uganda, attempting to build businesses out of big dreams.
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The Innovation Village, one of Uganda’s top start-up hubs, won two plaques at the 2019 Top […]

The Innovation Village, one of Uganda’s top start-up hubs, won two plaques at the 2019 Top 100 Mid-sized Companies Award Gala held recently in Kampala however the founder asked that the tech-sector be given more institutional support.

“I dedicate this to every entrepreneur with a dream too big it makes you look crazy, hustling with no evidence of results and not fazed by rejection and that entrepreneur who is discouraged not because people do not understand you, but because you don’t understand yourself,” CK Japheth, the Innovation Village Founder and CEO said.

The Innovation Village emerged as the fastest growing company and the most innovative, following the annual Top 100 Mid-sized Companies Index Survey whose results were released last week.

The awards were organized by Monitor Publications Limited, KPMG, the Daily Monitor, dfcu Bank, the Uganda Investment Authority and the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovations among other partners.

Japheth said, “We need to institutionalise Uganda’s innovation industry by building strong, credible institutions that work together with entrepreneurs to drive innovation and as a result increase business growth.”

Based in the Kampala suburb of Ntinda, the Innovation Village, tries to create an environment where start-ups can grow in confidence and capability, scaling from promising tech to a sustainable business.

Drawing on his own experience, Japheth encouraged other entrepreneurs who are on the tough journey to realizing their dreams by dedicating the next decade to the entrepreneurs.

He said, “2020-2030 is the decade of the entrepreneur, the defining decade dedicated to young hungry entrepreneurs who have not had a fighting chance. We are armed, locked and ready to unlock the massive untapped potential.”

In a message posted on his LinkedIn page, he went to thank his team who have dedicated their lives to enabling and unlocking potential and various partners, including Mastercard Foundation, for believing in them and supporting their work to make it possible for thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.





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